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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Aug 3, 2018

In this episode Henry discusses fears and emotions, his experience while speaking to approximately 50,000 people, and how to use our emotions/fears to elevate us.

Henry also provide practical ways of handling your emotions that will allow you to take control over it.

Here are a few of the things he says that you will find valuable while listening to this episode.

[00:02:00]  It is important to allow yourself to feel the emotions and let them guide you and elevate you.


[00:03:06] We either allow emotions to enslaved us or transcend us.


[00:04:38]  I can imagine whatever future I want.


[00:05:15] Focus on what gives you energy.


[00:05:35]: I choose freedom.



[00:05:57]  I choose to be proactive.


[00:09:01]To grow means you show up and say yes.


[00:09:56] Be intentional to imagine what your day will be.


[00:10:16] Always ask: how can I become better?


[00:10:33] Live the day fully instead of just exist.


[00:11:01] : Everybody feels emotions but they don’t rule over you


[00:11:42] Say YES to your dreams


[00:12:15]  Claim your freedom, own your life.


[00:12:45] We weren't created differently to be put in the same box.


[00:13:38] Be deliberate about your life today.


[00:16:00] Set your intentions and change your life.


[00:16:28] Use emotions to help us grow.


[00:17:44] : Create empowering beliefs


[00:18:30] What is that you know you need to give the world. [20.1]


[00:19:02] : You are important.


[00:19:56] Choose to operate in love, hope and gratitude.


[00:20:40] Create a life you love.


[00:20:46] Do what you should do even when it  makes you uncomfortable


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