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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Jun 4, 2018

Alexis Giostra aka @MissTrenchcoat is an online entrepreneur who designs and sells productivity tools that help you execute less to manifest more! After spending her first six years out of college working her way up the corporate ladder for a fortune 50 company, she made the leap from 9-5 to working for herself full time in 2014. Alexis used social media, her YouTube channel and her blog to create a community online centered around a mutual passion for planning and productivity to teach and inspire women to take back control of their time and lives. Through her unique digital marketing approach her content and products have been experienced by her community around the globe with views in the millions annually. Feel free to follow Alexis on Instagram and YouTube @MissTrenchcoat, check out her blog and download some of her latest FREE productivity tools over at!


She recently launched a planner on Amazon and it is now included in the bestseller list for Amazon Time Management books.


In this podcast, she will be sharing her views about setting your boundaries, getting started now, maximizing your time and how to effectively prioritize.


Maximize your time...maximize your life!


Everybody wants to be successful but do not have the guts to start working for it. Because they according to Alexis “feel like they don't’ have the right tools, the right knowledge. They feel like they need something out of reach or achieve something before they can begin.”


Check this podcast episode out for some practical, real-life strategies...


“The best way to standout is to be yourself.” - Alexis Giostra


You can follow and connect with Alexis in the following social accounts:





IG & Twitter: @MissTrenchcoat