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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Jul 9, 2018

Paige Adams-Geller is the Founder and Creative Director of PAIGE, an International, Top Clothing Brand. Her story is remarkable and her journey is inspiring. As former Miss California and the most sought after Fit Model, she went on to found and grow a company now known as one of the top brand names in the fashion industry. She is considered the only female founder in the denim industry.

In this episode, Paige shares her inspiring story and also principles that will empower anyone who listens. She discussed everything from gaining true confidence and her journey from major obstacles to massive business success. This is a very empowering episode with practical inspiration from a fashion icon and we cannot wait for you to hear it!


Show Notes


  • On why your “brain”  can be your best asset.  [00:08:38]
  • Do not get isolated but ask someone for help [00:11:55]
  • How can you best help yourself? [00:13:37]
  • People want to be around you for being you [00:14:44]
  • Authenticity makes you comfortable [00:15:03]
  • You don’t have to know all the answers [00:15:18]
  • What can you say about the success of your brand?[00:17:53]
  • Any thoughts on marketing? [00:19:36]
  • Do you have to please everybody? [00:20:47]
  • How confident are you?  00:24:16]
  • What can you say about your detractors? [00:25:06]
  • Following your vision [00:28:45]
  • The effects of being comfortable and loving your genes [00:30:42]
  • Should we be grateful with the challenges in life? [00:32:54]
  • When do you start loving yourself - more? [00:36:13]
  • Do daily rituals have effects in your life? [00:37:14]
  • Never be afraid of judgement and going beyond fragility.  [00:40:32]
  • Do you welcome mistakes? [00:46:54]
  • Keeping the connection alive (to people you admire and love) [00:50:26]
  • The power in being you and knowing who you really are. [00:53:59]


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