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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Aug 21, 2018

Jenn Blosili is one of the top 14 American Idol finalist and she just released her latest single “Hope Runs Wild.”

She's a musician. She is one of the most real authentic genuine humble loving people that I've met. I mean that sincerely. And that's why I had to have her on this podcast.

She's an amazing artist and singer. I would say I'm so excited for you to feel her spirit and hear her speak.

She talks about authenticity, the benefits of being authentic, choosing to accept your uniqueness,  how your "weakness" is actually your strength when you work with others, and how she chose to become a better person in the midst of hardships.

Here are some of the things you will hear: 

[00:01:39]  Did it make you better? Did I make you better? And that's a choice that we all get to make in scenarios of who are we going to choose to play the victim and blame other people for our unfortunate circumstances or.


[00:01:53] Do we get to recognize that we're really powerful that we have the capacity for change within us and we can make things happen because we're powerful children of God that I deeply believe.


[00:03:35] And I woke up the next morning and I was like Oh easy choice I'm going to choose a girl who cares about me as a friend. I don't care about being popular. So I decided that I would be social suicide. I didn't care I just wanted to be true to myself and be friends with nice people because being quote unquote popular was way overrated.  


[00:04:09] I just feel like our life is full of choices and we get to make choices to either honor who we are and at some point if we don't we'll be carrying a lot of stress and weight in and it's hard. Like I would say that choosing to honor yourself in the beginning is a really courageous choice but then it becomes easy and it becomes a no brainer. And there's such freedom in that happiness and fulfillment.  


[00:09:09] You are a sacred being. And the things that you put out into the world are sacred and beautiful. And I think what's cool for me at least is when I'm creating. I just say that it's my spirit communicating that I have to create because I have to be able to communicate in the in the purest way that I know how and I do it for myself. And I think there's always going to be this fear.


[00:10:04] And I think having the freedom to create starts with also the daily decisions to love yourself. And I know people talk about that all the time like love yourself but really they really sit down and be conscious about the fact that you're amazing. Write a list of things you love about yourself, unique gifts and talents you have.  


[00:12:11] Yes. I also say to you that our weaknesses can be our greatest strength. I feel like so look at those things that maybe I'm like I'm scatterbrained and like oh that means you can connect a lot of different dots and your brain is able to process a lot of information all at once you know that. I think that's been something cool for me too is things that maybe I'm insecure about. I've flip the coin too.  


[00:13:13] If there's something in your life that you feel insecure about or that you say is a weakness look for ways they can flip and turn it into a strength.


[00:16:25] And I think when I understand that I was doing something wrong that kept me from fuller feeling of joy and contentment. I can be excited about cool times going to pass anyway so I might as well do this hard step that's going to enable me to receive greater light and abundance and joy and happiness. And I look at it with joy.


[00:16:48] I think shame comes into the picture where when we acknowledge that we've done something wrong or did something bad we'll want to feel stupid and I just think those emotions are not productive. They don't get you anywhere. They're not. And so I've made a conscious effort to acknowledge Oh I do have this shortcoming crap and then just say Cool but now that I'm aware of this I can change it and I can I can add more light to my life.  


[00:21:51] I will say that when you choose to be yourself you're going to have experiences that will continue to fortify that decision.


[00:26:36] I'm good. And then it was just this joy and excitement of grace. So this show is hard for me. I didn't really fit in on this show. Now I can go take all the skills that I learned from this uncomfortable experience and apply it to what I am good at and go do what I am good at and be even more vibrant as myself because I honor that and I acknowledge that. And so I will say that. 


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