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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Dec 30, 2021

On this podcast episode, we address the fear that is holding you back. Fear shows up in so many ways. It can show up as insecurity, fear of failure, perfectionism, shame, lack of forgiveness, fear of success, worrying what others thing, fear of not being loved or not being enough, and many more.

The underlying root is...

Dec 7, 2021

On this podcast episode, Henry goes into a deep discussion about the masculine and the feminine, relationship polarity, the four archetypes of the masculine and feminine, how to create intimate and passionate relationships, and much more.

You will gain a deeper knowledge of yourself, how you show up, and what you may be...

Nov 25, 2021

Henry dives deep on feeling shame and how to release it. The information you will get from this episode will help you release the guilt and shame that you carry. When we understand why we do what we do it has helped so many people release the guilt and shame that they may be keeping and holding onto their entire life.


Sep 8, 2021

Learn what to do when you are feeling stressed, anxious, upset and overwhelmed.

Henry gives 17 practical and proven tools on how to effectively regulate your emotions from a stress response, and get back to center and really become powerfully present.

Enjoy this episode! 

Here's a powerful tool to help you regulate...

Aug 20, 2021

Welcome to a brand new season!!!

This season we will dive deeper, be bolder, provide powerful principles to empower you, and have some incredible guests!

Can’t wait for what’s in store!

We start this season with Henry teaching what he has learned during his 23 year obsession with human behavior. He shares...