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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Sep 10, 2018

Chelsie Hill was born and raised in Northern California. She has a passion in dancing and won multiple awards but something happened that dramatically changed her life. Find out how this “event” put her in a place of inspiration and encouragement to every men and women who have physical challenges. She is an inspiration to all!

Here is an inspirational story of love and triumph over any form of “disability” and physical challenges. 


[00:02:06] Chelsie narrates the accident that changed her life - forever.

[00:06:10] The accumulation of all the little successes and the support of people around her helped in the way things are and do something about it.

[00:06:41] The moment when she forgive the driver to free herself from the pain and forgiveness of what could have been.

[00:07:31] With the help of the community she started to dance again.

[00:08:06] What made her forgive herself, move forward and do one thing he loves the most? 

[00:11:36] How the “Serenity Prayer” makes her stronger and the support of her dad matters.

[00:12:39] Her story made an impact and changes other people’s lives.

[00:13:30] Why she decided to make a difference in someone's life because she can.

[00:15:58] Why she became the Founder of the Rollettes Dance Team.

[00:17:28] Chelsie shares how the Rollettes Dance Team made an impact to people’s lives and the activity she had with the community.

[00:19:23] Why she promotes “Be Boundless” and what does it mean?

[00:22:21] You have to be accountable to others to help you live your passion and help others

[00:25:08] Why self-love is a huge thing and you need more of this in your life.

[00:28:06] Use your circumstances and gifts to help people and surround yourself with people who have similar situation like yours.

[00:31:42] How social media helped with her cause and how to use social media effectively.

[00:35:49] Learn to say NO for your own self-love and sanity


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