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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Sep 16, 2018

A few months after going through her sister’s suicide incident, Anna Akana turned to comedy to get through it and began to inspire millions through her content. She pursue her comedy career and created her own YouTube channel. Her videos are about introversionsuicide awarenessracist sexual fetishes, and taking self-care beyond bubble baths and massages for an audience of over 2 million subscribers. She also makes short films, appears in Ant-ManCorporate, and Adam Ruins Everything, and stars in her own YouTube Red show Youth & Consequences

Listen to an inspiring episode of chasing and working after your dreams, overcoming self-sabotage, empowering yourself through trials in life, creating boundaries, and so much more! This episode is full of life-changing golden nuggets of wisdom.


[00.02.55] Anna saw Margaret Cho on a comedy special and she decided to pursue stand up comedy.

[00.03.57] A list of challenges of being a stand-up comedienne who was just starting out, dealing with panic attacks, and how she then turned to YouTube where her career began to take off.

[00.04.37] What is self-sabotage?

[00.06.30] Anna shares how she discovers a deep-seated belief she had that she doesn’t deserve happiness and success and how it was a pattern that every time something good happened, she felt uncomfortable.

[00.09.37] Journaling helps you develop self-worth and self-love.

[00. 12.47] How do you start self-help and mental health awareness?

[00.20.17] How do you turn tragic things work into the best things that have happened to you?

[00.23.47] What is your life purpose? 

[00.25.47] Anna discusses how important it is to have time to meditate.

[00.27.55] Tips on working for your dreams with only 30 minutes a day.

[00.31.58] Anna talks about how the way you react to things play a big role and how changing your frame of mind works.

[00.33.45] The connection of placebo effect and your power to make things happen.

[00.38.58] How do you find time for yourself and reinforce your self- boundaries? 

 [00.43.28] Anna says that you should not be afraid to dream big and that you should learn to love yourself and know what you deserve.

 [00.45.04] What are the dangers of giving more to people than giving more to yourself?



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