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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Oct 1, 2018

Henry talks about how YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST, limiting beliefs and what he did to overcome them, and important principles that can truly change your life.

Henry dove a lot deeper in this episode. It’s time to be free from limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives that don’t serve us!

Here are few points that will guide you while listening to this episode. 


[00:00:55] There are two reason why you get stuck in the past

[00:08:19] Do it the second you decide you're going to do it. 

[00:08:22] All of a sudden all the beliefs you have about that have been holding you back.

[00:09:29] The reason sometimes it's hard to see the possibilities in the future is because we're looking at it through the emotions of the past

[00:10:13] I am successful. I am anything I touch turns to gold. And if it doesn't work out it's fine because I'm a learner.

[00:11:43]And it's the decision that we make that starts the whole thing and opens up the doors to every beautiful thing in your life.

[00:13:37] First decide to be the decider and make real decisions.

[00:14:26] Observe, do not beat yourself up when something comes up.

[00:15:11] If we just live in the same routine we don't leave room for new possibilities.

[00:19:03] Imagine there's no limiting beliefs no fear.

[00:19:28] Your inner world determines your outer world

[00:20:44]  Visualizing with emotion.

[00:20:09] Dr. Joe Dispenza says our senses should be the last to experience what our mind has created.

[00:26:44] Every morning I visualize my day. I visualize the goals that I want. 

 In the end, Henry discusses steps to help overcome limiting beliefs.



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