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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Nov 30, 2017

In this fun, yet rich-with-deep-insights podcast episode with world-renowned yoga master Rosie Acosta, we will cover things like what it means to be "radically loved," not being concerned about the limiting beliefs of others about us, the basis and origins of yoga, and how turning to Yoga + Meditation took Rosie from a trouble youth growing up in East Los Angeles with depression, anxiety, and overeating, into the life-changing global influencer, teacher, and mentor she is today. 

Rosie Acosta is a master teacher and coach in the fields of Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness. She is the founder and host of the top 100 podcast, Radically Loved, has written and published numerous articles in top magazines. She has represented some of the top brands in the world and works with everyone from elite Olympic athletes, NFL Champions, and NBA All-Stars, to At-Risk Youth and Afghanistan Veterans. In her own words:

"We are all born with limitless potential, we all have a place in this world. It is our privilege to not ‘CHANGE’ who we are, but ‘BECOME’ who we are. Be Radically Curious, Radically Inspired and be Radically Loved." - Rosie Acosta 
Please enjoy!