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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Jan 18, 2023

On this podcast episode, Henry’s guest is none other than his wife, Terrin Ammar! Want to learn the fundamentals of building a healthy relationship based on trust, love and attraction? Tune in to this podcast episode with Henry and his wife Terrin Ammar as they discuss how couples can perfectly balance masculine and feminine energy to achieve polarity. 

They will also share their trauma-informed approach on how partners can empower each other's healing process while working on their individual inner work. They will also discuss what actionable steps couples can take to resolve tension and work through their traumas. So if you want to start moving forward with love and understanding in all your relationships, this episode is a must watch! Enjoy this episode! 


If you’re interested in seeing Henry and Terrin work their magic, join their next event on January 28th! The program’s called “Trauma & Relationships: Releasing the Blocks From the Masculine & Feminine,” and it was designed with a trauma-informed perspective to help you grow and thrive in your relationships. 

There’s still a few slots open so if you’re ready to start forming relationships filled with love, compassion, and connection, join us on the 28th! 

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