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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Aug 28, 2023

On this podcast episode, Henry Ammar and Marcus Black have a raw, honest conversation about how the pains in their life affected their journeys for the better.

If you’re determined to evolve into the most empowered version of yourself, but feel like there’s too much chaos around you to properly succeed, I highly recommend you check out this episode.

Tune in for a deep discussion into:

  • Why some people reach happiness faster regardless of how “successful” they are
  • How to break out of pain and into purpose
  • How your relationships change for the better when you intentionally practice  gratitude
  • Why the promises you make to yourself are the ones that matter more than anything else
  • And most importantly; What you can unlock by shifting your focus towards gratitude

When you’re grateful you’re not just being thankful, you’re practicing radical self-love by loving exactly where you are on your journey. 

So if you’re looking to accelerate your journey and add more abundance, freedom, purpose, and impact to your life, start by being grateful for the chaos and the pain you’ve experienced.

It was amazing having a conversation with someone who, like me, values truth, growth, and evolving.

But what I think is the most important part of this episode is how gratitude can unlock so much power and energy within you.

Enjoy this episode!



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