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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Jul 2, 2018

How much differently would our lives and this world be if we all walked around in a true confidence and self-love? 

A lack of confidence and self-love manifests itself in many ways, including:

  • Never feeling enough
  • Needing external validation
  • Feeling stuck in fear and insecurities
  • Not going after dreams
  • Always feeling out of place or not fully belonging

It's time to step into a deep self-love and a true confidence. It will change your life!!!

In this podcast, we discuss the foundation of this topic, in addition to some practical tools to help you develop this. 

This episode was triggered from Henry's travels, seeing how many people are not walking around in their full potential, walking around in a negative self-image, and lack a full, true confidence and self-love.

But, let's pause for one second. Let's just focus on self-love in this episode and focus on actually receiving our gifts, to receiving our talents, receiving our strengths. 

Here are a few points you need to ponder to start loving yourself so you can express yourself the way that fulfills you.  

[00:05:06] it's crazy, because what happens internally is what ends up happening externally. Our outer world is shaped by our inner world. 


[00:05:24] We cannot let life dictate who we're going to be 


[00:05:56] Loved people love other people, hurt people hurt other people. So people that hurt you or say stuff about you they're just hurt themselves they're insecure themselves they're struggling themselves. 


[00:08:29] Watch what you say watch what you focus on and make sure your identity is not tied to these feelings you have are these limiting beliefs that you have because they're not you, they're just limiting stories or beliefs that we formulated when we're younger. 


[00:09:28] All these things when you know I had to ask myself what's really the truth. The truth is Henry that I can make a decision today to be the decider of my life to elevate to grow to put things where they really are. When you look at the truth the truth sets you free. So first truth is yes. 


[00:10:16]We have to make the decision. We have to be the ones to decide that I will live my. I will be authentic unapologetically truly shining in my light with a purpose and with love 


[00:11:46]  No I'm not saying that we're perfect where we are you know having self-love doesn't mean I love myself because I'm perfect. I love myself exactly where I'm at I'm super excited about where I'm going right and there's a lie that were validated by other people but we're not 


[00:12:11]  But the goal is to see the true perspective of life that we have to decide that we're going to be loving to ourselves and we're going to take care of ourselves and spend time to have self care 


[00:14:04] I say the greatest decision you'll ever make is to be the decider and that's the truth.


[00:15:16]I want you to know that you are worth it that you are loved. You can do it and you can love yourself in a way to show other people how to love you. And I think that's the goal. But the first thing is please decide please decide every day that you will love yourself.  


[00:16:20]  You are important enough you don't get this day back. Every single day make a decision to be the decider on that day. And just because you had a bad morning doesn't mean you have to have bad afternoon just because you have a bad you know just because your past was a certain way doesn't mean that that's how your future needs to be.


[00:17:33] It shows you that inside of you is a fighter that knows there's hope because you would not listen to this if you didn't know inside of me that there's something inside you is bigger than bigger than you know.


[00:17:52]  we have to transcend the lower level mentality that we are products of life versus life is a product of us taking back our power taking back our control and deciding today that this is my life and all of these negative thoughts that come in it could be like a bird flying over your head it could fly over your head. But I will not et it build a nest in my head. 


[00:24:20]  I feel like there is an epidemic of insecurity and a lack of confidence and a lack of self-esteem in the world that is truly keeping people in bondage. And I just looked around on that could you imagine if everybody walked around unleashed in the best version of themselves.  


[00:26:14] But most of us elevate the weakness and beat ourselves up over them and diminish our strengths. I'm telling you now elevate your strengths and look at your weaknesses and we could find ways to buffer them right.


[00:27:33]  Decide today that you will wake up and live life on your terms. A true awakening that you will not settle for anything less than you know kind words to yourself strengthening yourself. Truth with yourself and in the process and being totally honest with yourself. But going forward your life saying this is my life. 


[00:27:51] I'm choosing my life to create a life from here on out that I wake up excited for because I finally took back the power of choice in my life and I just wanted to bring this to your awareness and I. 


[00:28:09] Look at the great things about yourself. Set intentions of how you're going to show up and if you fall short it's ok...