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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Aug 14, 2018

Prince Raphael Shawan (PRS150) is a multi-platinum recording artist with eight Billboard Music Awards, four ASCAP Awards, a pair of nominations for American Music Awards, and a Soul Train Award to his credit.

He is a visionary and revolutionary “HIGHVIBE” artist who’s worked in the music industry for more than two decades. Fans worldwide know him as “Tweet” as member of the multi-platinum trio, NEXT. 

NEXT is responsible for some of R&B’s more memorable hits – including the chart-topping singles “Wifey,” “Butta Love,” “I Still Love You,” and “Too Close” (which ranks #28 on The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs).

PRS will highlight his unique innovative HighVibe frequency charged messages through Motivational Speaking/Singing/Rapping/Songwriting/Energy Healing & Prayer.

PRS is blessed with a plethora of talents, one of them being an artist who is a consummate performer, but an even more willfully gifted Healer.

Here are few of the clips that will help you start connecting with your true self.


[00:05:14] It's the absolute truth because wherever you are in your so-called struggle your struggle is like I always use the analogy of the gym. Your struggle is like that you go to the gym you work out 48 hours later you don't know which part you worked on. You got to be a bit sore if you did it right. Right. And that's okay because when the soreness goes away you know you feel stronger and that's why you're going through what you're going through. Everyone heals stronger no matter what we do. [26.4]



[00:06:16] I mean everybody tries to do it but you have to be the person that you are in the shower because the universe deals which you view your fingerprints the universe only knows you by that. [11.6]


[00:08:36] Things can happen to you. And that voice, that's been the same voice since you were a little kid. It did not mature, get younger, older or changes. The same voice, exactly I have the same voice in me too. [11.8]


[00:10:19] I'm just making myself an available vessel for the wisdom that we need to be able to navigate the world life a bit easier. It's not as hard as we've been told that it is. That's a lie. [12.5]


[00:12:37] I learned to be in connection with the universe itself. I do not argue or fight with what is. That's what- what is. You can't do anything about what is what you can do something about how you deal with what is. You only focus on what you want. That's it. [17.8]


[00:15:07] And I want everyone to know that you know when I say said a prayer because the prayers between you and the universe merrily you just got to see my relationship with the universe with saws so that God to me is the creation of all things. So I usually just say source because I'm saying the source of all creation. [21.5]


 [00:15:56] Things are not here to challenge you they're here to show you how much you've grown. All that practice you were doing when the situation shows itself. You're not supposed to do the same behavior you've been doing because you're going to get the same result. You have to do the new behavior that you've been practicing. [16.0]



[00:16:18] Listen, get your love and your blessings from source,from the universe. When you bless people don't stand over them like you owe me back right now because you going to get just what they owe you back. But if you allow the universe to bless you back,you get that a million fold. Trying to teach you how to navigate life easier. [21.8]


 [00:00:54] Children just trust them full faith and they're living right in the moment. They could care less what's for dinner. They don't care about what's happening in two hours they don't even know that two hours later exists. All they know is right now because that's all there is. Everything else exists in our mind.


[00:01:09] And what I was saying about the 300 million is this. If you and I teamed up against 300 other teams and we won the race, what would we do - we celebrate right. So if you beat out 300 million people to be born shouldn't this be a celebration? I'm just saying in this life be a full blown celebration. Think about it. Right? [36.3]


 [00:03:48] So my manager and business partner just introduced me to this concept that no matter what I do I have to have a clear intent why I'm doing it and as I was the most it was like the missing piece to my puzzle. Because I know that everything is perspective. However you believe it is or should be that's how it's going to be all about perspective. [23.8]


 [00:04:46] Why am I doing this podcast today? One because I love what Henry stands for. I love what he's done with his life and I want to be a part of that. But it's the exact same thing that I stand for. I want to be able to share my life with the world because like I said I've gone through it for us and I'm sharing it. But I'm also living my life in the light. Because before the high vibe tribe they lived in the corner quietly and they didn't really enjoy the world like you know we're here to enjoy. [27.3]


 [00:05:24] There are five planets in retrograde and retrograde. What that means is the energy is in reverse. Even if you don't acknowledge it you don't have to because you don't have to acknowledge gravity. You don't. You don't have to acknowledge magnetism. You don't have to acknowledge electricity but it's constantly working. So when planets go in retrograde what happens on earth for humans is all the energy we put out. It mirrors back at us and it usually comes to us in the form of our fingerprints. It comes to us in the form of that thing that is our greatest challenge that we thought we worked so much on. That is our light test to prove what we learn. [38.6]


[00:08:07] Well I want to tell you that you know like who is going to happen like the world spins on its axis no matter what. It's going to keep moving. And if we stay still in our lives we get stagnant. The only thing that's guaranteed in this life is change. So you have to keep it moving. So if you are ready to make that change. There, life there's momentum. [22.7]


[00:09:08] When people say you're trying to stop me from. No, one can stop you from doing anything,Becasue you can do whatever you want. Once you make a decision you can do it. So you really have to make a decision. All the stuff that you've grown so accustomed to is going to come in your consciousness. You're going to have to make a choice. Be it relationships, relationships with your kids at work. You have to stop talking crap about where you are right to go somewhere new.


[00:09:36] So if you're really ready to change you're going to make peace right where you are. You know who got you there. You - you are in control of everything that happens in your life. It can not happen without your permission. And we don't get what we want. We get what we are.


[00:09:52] You get what you believe you deserve right in this moment. So whatever you have right now, you've already created this. What you want - going forward, you have to create a new way of thinking and believing. [55.1]


 [00:10:48] We have to think about what we're saying because this, our kids don't belong to us .they belong to the universe. If we do it right. The kids are here. We're gone one kids outlived their parents so don't belong to the universe not us. So it's our job to help guide them well.


[00:11:04] So if you're ready for change, surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing. You have to change your energy. The only way to change to something positive is to be in positive energy when you ask for it - like really be. [33.5]


[00:15:43] What's your intent? You want to change your life. You made the choice to change your life. Why do you want to change your life? Do you want to change your life to be a better person for yourself? Do you want to be better for your relationship? Do you want to be better for the world at large. Start on the inside. You don't owe anybody anything. You don't owe none of us nothing whatever you do for the world good or not good. That's your contribution to this world. Ask yourself this: Would you hang out with you if you weren't you?


[00:16:11] Would you trust you if you weren't you. Would you trust your most personal most personal valuables. Are you that person that you say you are when everybody is looking. Be the best you you can be because this world has something really special for you when you do that. [44.6]


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