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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Dec 16, 2018

In this episode, Henry Ammar interviews Founder and CEO of MyIntent.Org, Chris Pan. He takes a deep dive on how he formed the concept of creating MyIntent. More than bracelets they are reminders of the word that drives your life.

Chris is inspiring and helps bring clarity in this episode. He not only shares his story, but also takes everyone through an incredible guided process that helps everyone find their word and gain clarity.

Word spread organically, including many celebrities in LA. Jay Z, who loved the concept, invited Pan to his ROC Nation brunch, where celebrities including Rihanna (FAITH) and Beyonce (SURRENDER) also chose words. Since then, influencers like Justin Bieber (PURPOSE), Katie Couric (FAITH), Conan O’Brien (DEATH BED), Blake Griffin (FOCUS), Larry King (WHY), and Daymond John (HEALTH) have all been seen wearing a MyIntent Bracelet. So to everyone listening to this podcast episode - What's your word?  Enjoy this episode!!!

We're giving out 20% Discount on MyIntent bracelets for Henry Ammar fans and MakeitHappen.Life listeners! Just use the code "HENRY20" at checkout! 

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