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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Feb 23, 2021

On this podcast episode, Henry talks about what to do when people are being toxic, how to deal with it and clear the energy when you get sucked right into it.

He talks about how the true effect of toxic energy and how being around toxic energy drains you, takes away your focus in your purpose and mission in life, and the way impacts every aspect of your life!

By the end of the episode you will learn important principles and actionable steps on dealing with toxic people and energy.

This is such a powerful and relatable episode! It could be happening to you today and this might be exactly what you need to hear!

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If there is something you want that you don’t have, you have been blocking it subconsciously.

Learn how you have been blocking your abundance and how to truly breakthrough and tap into your abundant life now. In all areas of life!

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