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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

May 7, 2020

This episode is Part 1 of the Love Over Fear Series. This series will touch on how fear shows up in our lives, uncovering the effects of it in ways that we may not even realize. The best part about this series is that it address how we can move from fear to power and love.

Part 1 is how we can move from fear to power and love in our personal lives. In future episodes, we will address how to do this in relationships, and how we can utilize the power of love in a tangible way.

The word "love" is thrown around and has diminished its value in some regards. This series will bring power back into the word even more and will help us get on a clear path of love, power, and freedom.

This series will help you step into a more intentional, liberated, powerful, and happier, more fulfilled life!

Enjoy this episode!

Henry has released a course with actress and influencer Rachele Brooke Smith called "Transform My Life." It includes 24 powerful videos, 24 action items with a fillable PDF, a 30-day challenge, access on an app, an incredible community, and so much more! Check it out at the link below:


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