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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Sep 11, 2023

On this podcast episode, Henry Ammar interviews former fitness model turned gut-health expert, Rachel Scheer!

This is such a good, information-packed episode, and Rachel shares so much important info on gut health and why it’s absolutely essential for your wellness overall.  

She breaks down why gut health can be the key to unlocking better physical health, fitness, and strength, as well as emotional and mental health too. More people need to know about it because this aspect of wellness is dangerously overlooked.

Tune in to the episode for an evidence-based, deep dive into:

  • Gaining clarity on what health means to you especially if you’re more invested in how you look on the outside than how you feel on the inside
  • How important gut health is to your physical but also mental and emotional health
  • What the root causes of disease in your body usually come from
  • The 3 most important diet changes you can make to improve gut health
  • What belief systems you need to change if you want to make healthy transformations easier for yourself
  • How it affects your family in such a powerful way when they see you taking care of yourself

Remember, your mental and emotional health aren’t complete if you’re neglecting your physical health too!

There’s so much goodness to unpack here so if you’re interested to learn more, check out our full conversation.

Enjoy this episode!



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